A Quick Word


The seed of this school, LIVE TO LEAD was sown a very long time ago by someone who saw the bigger picture. This school strives to inculcate much needed life skills, by sharing our experiences, sharing our learning with others. The need to go back to basic requirement called ‘COMMUNICATION’.

Be it sharing a story we inherited from our ancestors, or a life turning event in our life, or an episode that was so thought provoking that it made you stop and pause, or something you feel very strongly about!

These unique experiences when shared through a right channel, with the right thought can make that change in everyone they touch. That is why we all should live to lead!

Leading doesn’t necessary mean to stand in the front and become a leader. Leading also means to share our experience with our fellow beings, and then sit back.

We cannot spend our life learning from our mistakes or experiences, sometimes it is good to learn from fellow beings experiences also.

It is not always about how hard you worked, but were you smart about how you worked?

Friends, Live To Lead…!