The Twelve Windows

The 12 Windows

A story from Germany, the plot revolves around a Princess who challenges every suitor who seeks to marry her, for a game of hide and seek. And each time she locates the suitor by looking into her 12 magical windows. Once caught the suitor is put in a den of hungry lions (Altered version, keeping the kids in mind)

The story has a twist when a suitor asks the princess to give him 3 chances. He tries to beat her with the help of a bird but the princess locates him in the 5th window. Tries again with the help of a fish, fails and finally a fox helps him to beat the princess.

A very captivating story on how the fox’s flawless plan helped the final suitor to finally beat the Princess in the game of hide and seek.


After the story we had the “iSpeak” Session, where the participants talked about their favorite animal/cartoon character. Here is a gist of it….

Following this we had a session called, ‘iThink’ here the children were guided as to how they can  speak about any given object on the spot. An extempore expert they turned out to be 😉

Gas Stove

A Chair

On his favorite animal

On her favorite cartoon character

Searching for their topic inside the bag…..


Impromptu 1

Mahi on Rubik Cube 🙂


What a wonderfully energetic session we had!!! I sure am looking forward to the next one, are you too?

Please do drop in your comments on the session here….!




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