The Jumping Mouse

The Jumping Mouse

A native American tale that is filled with so much learning about kindness, selflessness and goodness.

The story revolves around a very curious little mouse who wants to travel to a “Far Away Land”.


He is so fascinated by the tales which he hears from his elders all the time, that one day he decides to go visit the FAR AWAY LAND.

  • But he has such tiny legs, how would he travel the vast┬ádistance ?
  • He met a frog on his way, who was this frog?

Jumping-Mouse 3

Well this frog had magical powers, he gave the little mouse, a little bigger legs and told him, “Henceforth you would be able to jump high, and will be called as JUMPING MOUSE”

  • Jumping Mouse happily went on with his adventure, he next met a FAT┬árat.

Jumping-Mouse 5

The fat rat convinced the jumping mouse that it was a waste of time and effort to travel to the FAR AWAY LAND, as it was impossible to reach there. Jumping mouse happily stayed back with the FAT rat eating sweet red berries everyday.

Jumping-Mouse 7until one day he realized that he too had grown FAT like the FAT rat, that’s when he decided it was time for his to move on and reach his destination, even if the goal seemed impossible to achieve.

The jumping mouse next moved to the plains where he met a very weak bison, who turned blind because of poisonous water that he drank. bison

The jumping mouse felt very sorry for the bison and wished he could give his own eyesight to the bison. What seemed like magic, the jumping mouse turned blind in one eye and the bison gained vision in one eye.

The bison was very thankful to the jumping mouse and helped him cross the plains without getting caught by the dark shadows looming in the sky. They reached the end of the plain after which began the mountains, the bison being the animal of the plains, bid good bye to the jumping mouse.

Jumping mouse cautiously started climbing the mountain, and there he met a Fox, who seemed very weak.


The jumping mouse asked the fox, what the matter was. The fox said that he lost his sense of smell because he misused his power to smell. Jumping mouse again made a wish feeling really sorry for the fox, and his wish became a reality. The fox gained his sense of smell but the jumping mouse was now blind in one eye and couldn’t smell the enemy around him.

The fox thanked the jumping mouse and led him toward the end of the mountain, where the fox stopped and told the jumping mouse that he was the animal of the mountains and could not go further.

The jumping mouse made a hole under the ground and feeling very sad and frightened. When he woke up the next day the magical frog sat in front of him.

The frog praised the the jumping mouse for his selflessness and gave him his vision and sense of smell back, he then turned the jumping mouse in to …..eagle-013

a creature with wings that would take him to the FAR OFF LAND.

The kids discussed about the various aspects of this story, the lessons that we learn and can be applied in our life.

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