Ma Lien And The Magic Brush

8. Ma Lien And The Magic Brush

We traveled to China this time and met Ma Lien the peasant boy who loved to paint but did not have enough money to buy a paint brush. He approached a famous artist, who rebukes him, sad dejected Ma Lien returned home.

Suddenly there appeared an old man who gave him an equally old paint brush. Ma Lien was happy and thanked the old man, but warned him to use the brush wisely.

  • Why did the old man say so?
  • What happened every time Ma Lien painted with the brush?

Ask the little stars who heard this story and you will know all  about the  adventures of Ma Lien And The Magic Brush.


We had a marvelous time….

Isn’t it evident on their faces 😉

Signing Off



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