Folklore From Singapore Week-1

Singapore Legends

We traveled back in time in the late 13th century, went on an expedition with Sang Nila Utama, who was the ruler of the Srivijaya Empire at Sumatra.


We discovered an island with white sandy shore and witnessed the legendary folktales about how the island got its name Singapore.

We also saw the race between an elephant, a pig and a frog , who challenged one another to reach the Johor shores from mainland Singapore. The stakes were high, as those who did not succeed would be turned into rock. The frog, being the first to try, failed to cross the straits and was turned into Pulau Sekudu. Pulau Sekudu literally means Frog Island in Malay.

Pulau Ubin

The elephant and the pig were the next to attempt the feat. They did not make it too, thus both of them fused together to become the main island of Pulau Ubin.

After these exhilarating experiences we traveled back to present and learnt 2 sentences in Mandarin. We also discussed about 2 interesting  laws in Singapore about the ban of chewing gums and specific law on batteries that can be carried to the country.

Overall we had a wonderful time in Singapore and are looking forward to the next week.

Signing off for now….

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