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Stories have been a great source of learning through ages. Listening to stories help us improve on our comprehension skills, listening skills, boosts our creativity, helps improve vocabulary…the list of benefits are endless.

Magical Magnetism….

Live to lead visited an NGO this summer and showered the place with  happiness and loads of hope. The kids learn’t how aggression is not the solution to all the problems we face in life, listening to a simple folklore, ‘Hiss, Don’t Bite’ from Bengal.Live To Lead @ An NGO

Always face your fears with a smile.Live To Lead @ An NGO

A simple word of encouragement can add loads of confidence in a little child’s heart!Live To Lead @ An NGO

We all like to get attention, don’t we?Live To Lead @ An NGO

Tap them young, encourage them to explore their own inner strengths…..Live To Lead @ An NGO

To me each child has an unique talent, that just needs to be discovered….Live To Lead @ An NGO

Lost in the world of words, characters and twists and turns….. Live To Lead @ An NGO

High-five…! Job well done….!Live To Lead @ An NGO

Have you ever seen so much happiness in one place?Live To Lead @ An NGO

Don’t want to miss out on any hidden talent here 🙂Live To Lead @ An NGO

A Panoramic view….Live To Lead @ An NGO

The climax……Live To Lead @ An NGO

An impromptu translation of the story, originally in English but delivered in Tamil, the local language. A glimpse of it….

I did struggle a bit with the translation, but was very thankful to the coordinators who helped me.

To be able to catch the attention of 64 kids, aged 3 to 5 years seemed like a herculean task when I started the session, but towards the end I felt like an Olympic gold medalist because I received a thunderous applause from these little angels. They recalled the whole story , vividly describing the events from the story. I felt my mission was accomplished, I was lucky to be able to share what I have gathered in my journey so far.

Signing Off….

Manisha Hitesh Shah



Bunbuku Chagama

A folklore from Japan, this story revolves around a junk collector who helps a Tanuki and what happens afterwards….

There are many versions of this story, here is one of the versions.,

Bunbuku Chagama

Bunbuku Chagama roughly translated means ,”happiness bubbling over like a tea pot”

Tanuki 1A Junk collector finds a girls wearing a red dress, being troubled in the market by other naughty boys. He decides to help her, the girl is actually a Tanuki with magical powers. She can transform in to anything in the blink of a second. Tanuki decides to return the favor of the junk collector and transforms in to a teapot. The juck seller finds the teapot and sells it to a monk in a monestary…….  what happened next…?

Tanki 2

When the monk put the teapot over a fire, the Tanuki could not tolerate the heat and was injured. He jumped out of the fire, shocking the monk. The angry monk returned the teapot to the junk collector who once again treated the injured Tanuki with kindness. Soon…..

Tanki 3

Tanuki recovered soon and helped the junk collector by giving wonderful acrobat performances. the junk collector was soon very rich and lived luxuriously.

What followed the story was the craft we created…. Origami, the beautiful paper craft from Japan. Here is the gist of the session.

Visual ques for the story. See the story! Lets discover more about Japan- An enlightening quiz session. Group discussion prior to the activity. General Information about Japan shared. Language spoken. Kids enjoying the interesting information. We address everyone  :) Are you ready? Explaining the art of Origami. At our creative best. Engrossed....! Neat Fold. The right way. Let me help you. Let me see...! You are right on track. Can be done in a simple way. I can do it too. Let me copy your style. Guys I am the cool dude. Step 2. Are you all following me? Excellent...! Carefully .... Is it correct Aunty? We are lost in the craft. Fun time... The right fold. Am confused.... ;) Quack Quack.... Oh! So that's how it is! I will do it. Look at this.. Discussing... Fold it well Like this....!!! We must not miss any step A book..... A book marker! This is how you can use it. This is the top.... I am enjoying this.... This is how you cut to make the teeth. Everyone understood? I will show you again. Can I borrow your scissors? I have made the teeth. Mam check this one please. Teeth Teeth every where ;) See my teeth... Beaks now ;) Hold the glue and the beak My one eyed monstrous book marker I will complete it soon Pretty pink :) Red it is.... The tricky beak.... As cute as me isn't it? Look at this one..... I am loving this.... I don't know what happening around me, I am lost in my creative world. DSCN6986 DSCN6987

We Have Done It…….DSCN6988 DSCN6989 DSCN6995

Brother And Sister

Brother And Sister Flyer

What can a little boy do when their own cook, who is a witch, wants to kill his little sister?

This beautiful story unfolds the adventure of a little boy and his even more little sister, on how they save themselves from the witch. How in the process they learn together they can create magic and together they can win any battle. The audience for this session were inspired to not give up in difficult times but to look up for their near and dear ones for help, and together they would overcome any difficulty.

The Flowering Tree

The Flowering Tree

A Kannada Folktale.

A story about a girl who could change into a flowering tree when water was poured on her. How from a poor peasant girl she marries a prince. But as faith has different plans for her…….

A captivating tale of adventure, love, grief and reunion 🙂

The Flowering Tree

Clay flowers being made by the participants.The Flowering Tree

Colorful frames being created.The Flowering Tree

Sequences being stuck.The Flowering Tree

Full Concentration.The Flowering Tree

I am loving this.The Flowering Tree

I am visibly shaken 😉 Too engrossed in my activity 🙂tgoh\

Final result 🙂The Flowering Tree

I am going to be neat 🙂  The Flowering Tree

Glue it well 🙂The Flowering Tree

See I did glue it very well 🙂


How do I look?

The Mask Princess

The Mask Princess

We traveled to an ancient kingdom in Germany. The king of that kingdom  had 3 daughters. One day he called them all and asked them how much each one of them loved him and thought about him.

Eldest daughter said,’You are the sweetest person in the whole world.’

Second daughter said,’  You are as smooth as a silk.’

The third daughter, who was very beautiful said,’You are like salt in my food. With you it is tasteless.’

The king was very angry, offended with the third daughters reply. He banished her from his kingdom. The third princess cried to her dad, the king for forgiveness, but the king did not listen. She left a trail of pearls behind because when ever she cried she would have pearls dropping out of her eyes.

She was rescued an old lady in the forest who gave her a mask for her protection. The mask was of an ugly old lady’s face. The princess would wear the mask in the day time and remove it at night.

Three years later there came a Duke’s son in the same forest that the old lady and princess lived. The duke’s son helped the old lady to carry two heavy basket filled with fruits and wood. The old lady in return gave him a green box as gift.

The Duke’s son gives this green box to the queen of the kingdom he is visiting. The queen faints the moment she opens the box, for inside the box is a pearl. A pearl like the one her 3rd daughter used to shed. The Duke’s son was imprisoned but later called by the Queen herself. She asks the Young man where he found the box and finally the King and the queen reunite with their daughter who was helped by the old woman, who turned out to be a Fairy.

IMG_3430   IMG_3428IMG_3427 IMG_3426 IMG_3422 IMG_3423 IMG_3425 IMG_3424 IMG_3421 IMG_3420 IMG_3415 IMG_3416 IMG_3417 IMG_3418 IMG_3419 IMG_3431 IMG_3440 IMG_3438 IMG_3436 IMG_3433 IMG_3444 IMG_3443 IMG_3441


Hiss, Don’t Bite!

An artist is born…!

Today we traveled to Bengal.  A cobra shared his story with us.  Of how he learnt that anger isn’t a solution to problems, neither is ignoring the problems. He shared the magical mantra his Guru taught him, ‘Hiss, Don’t bite!’

Isn't he cute? Just like me!
Isn’t he cute? Just like me!


He just swallowed RED paint ;)
He just swallowed RED paint 😉
Selfie Time.....
Selfie Time…..
Fun Time
Fun Time
Come on! Say CHEESE...
Come on! Say CHEESE…


I will draw on both sides… 🙂

I like it basic... ;)
I like it basic… 😉
Wait for me…: /
Run!!! We are growing in numbers…
Wow! Why didn’t I use green…!
4 Cobras! Now you sure are scared ;)
4 Cobras! Now you sure are scared 😉
Twin Brothers...
Twin Brothers…
Just a little bit more color….
Identical Twins
My cobra is beautiful too!
My cobra is beautiful too!
Lost in art...
Lost in art…
Artists at work...!
Artists at work…!
How is it ?
How is it ?
This is fun...
This is fun…
Don't copy from my picture ;)
Don’t copy from my picture 😉
Why don't you join me too?
Why don’t you join me too?