Magical Magnetism….

Live to lead visited an NGO this summer and showered the place with  happiness and loads of hope. The kids learn’t how aggression is not the solution to all the problems we face in life, listening to a simple folklore, ‘Hiss, Don’t Bite’ from Bengal.Live To Lead @ An NGO

Always face your fears with a smile.Live To Lead @ An NGO

A simple word of encouragement can add loads of confidence in a little child’s heart!Live To Lead @ An NGO

We all like to get attention, don’t we?Live To Lead @ An NGO

Tap them young, encourage them to explore their own inner strengths…..Live To Lead @ An NGO

To me each child has an unique talent, that just needs to be discovered….Live To Lead @ An NGO

Lost in the world of words, characters and twists and turns….. Live To Lead @ An NGO

High-five…! Job well done….!Live To Lead @ An NGO

Have you ever seen so much happiness in one place?Live To Lead @ An NGO

Don’t want to miss out on any hidden talent here 🙂Live To Lead @ An NGO

A Panoramic view….Live To Lead @ An NGO

The climax……Live To Lead @ An NGO

An impromptu translation of the story, originally in English but delivered in Tamil, the local language. A glimpse of it….

I did struggle a bit with the translation, but was very thankful to the coordinators who helped me.

To be able to catch the attention of 64 kids, aged 3 to 5 years seemed like a herculean task when I started the session, but towards the end I felt like an Olympic gold medalist because I received a thunderous applause from these little angels. They recalled the whole story , vividly describing the events from the story. I felt my mission was accomplished, I was lucky to be able to share what I have gathered in my journey so far.

Signing Off….

Manisha Hitesh Shah



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