Recording @ All India Radio


Recording with AIR, had been a wonderful experience. I want to thank Harish for extending this opportunity. The topic I had to speak about was, ‘Things you could do this Summer’. It was a talk that was specifically targeted for Children who get thoroughly bored in summer each year .Here is the gist of few suggestions I had for them…

  • There are trillions of summer camp activities you yourself can create within the blissful boundaries of your home. You don’t have to go outside in this hot hot hot SUN!
  • The first activity that I would suggest to you is this summer vacation is become the cool historian! You could start with first selecting the topic on which you want to freeze your memories. Next start taking pictures of your subject. For example, I select my topic as ‘My Family Tree’, I could start with shooting pictures of my dad, mom, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts etc. I would start collecting picture of my grandfather, my grandmother, my great grandfather, my great grandmother. I will then like to file the pictures with each person’s traits, likes, dislikes, date of birth, date of death, if applicable. You will understand how data is collected and later organized by historians. You will also start to realize the efforts historians put in.
  • If you don’t want to be the historian, become the scientist. There are many simple experiments you could easily do on your own. All of these are easily available on the internet. Pick up one simple experiment, read about it in detail. Note down things that would need to conduct the experiment you have chosen, document the whole experiment. Meaning write down what you are planning to achieve through this experiment, how you plan to execute it, problems you faced as you executed the experiment and finally the result. I remember, I created a volcano when I was in my 6th I made a 2 feet high volcanic mountain using white cement; I colored it giving it a realistic look, used glue to stick red colored crystal sparkling sand and then used some very basic chemicals to create the volcanic effect. Now I will not tell you what those chemicals were, why don’t you find out for yourself?
  • Don’t be the lazy lamb this summer vacation! Beat the heat, beat the sun and Wake up early and set out of your home become the ORNITHOLOGIST.  Confusing jargon word isn’t it? A person who studies birds is called an ORNITHOLOGIST. Be the bird watcher this summer. A variety of birds migrate to NAAMB CHENNAI, our southern state to spend their summer vacation. Ha ha ha, why don’t you spend some time with them too this summer? If you live in Chennai, explore the lungs of Chennai!!! Confused again? The Guindy National Park, situated in the heart of Chennai is often called the Lungs of Chennai. Spread over 2.7 square KM, this is the place you must visit if you want to shoot the red winged crested cuckoo, lesser flame back woodpecker, spotted owlet the list of birds is endless. Don’t take your air gun to shoot them but take your camera to capture these unique beautiful species. Note down the information about these different varieties of birds and tabulate all your recordings. Find out more about these birds on the internet. Another thing that you could do is go to the marina beach or visit any park near your house and observe the birds around you. Study their behavior, trust me friends you will really enjoy spending quality time with the nature around you..
  •  If you do not enjoy the birds so much, how about the board games? Snakes and Ladder, Monopoly, Palagulli, Guess Who? Well I know many of you are already playing these games, now this summer why don’t you do something different. Why don’t you become the CREATOR! Create your own board game! Dust away the dust settled on your brain and ignite the creative you. Activate the grey area in your brain! Take a chart paper, an old card board box, colors, scale, pencil….whatever creativity strikes you, assemble all of these things together and create your own board game with your own rules. Who knows you may get a patent for the new game you develop this summer vacation. And you will be a rich celebrity. Did you know the game MONOPOLY was designed by Elizabeth and Charles Darrow in 1903 and the current version was first published by Parker Brothers in 1935! So what are you waiting for make your own board game!!!
  • Why don’t you become the journalist this summer? Covering events around your locality, capturing them on the camera and sending a report to your local newspaper and also the state newspaper. All that you need to do is pack your bag with a note book, a pen, a camera and plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Go outside the comforts of your home and be the adventurer. Experience the hardship the journalists go through when they run after a story. Your prospective of the news you read next time in the newspaper would change completely. To start, first pick a situation or a subject that you find interesting or you think people would want to read about, make your plan and research more about the topic, once you are ready with your research find out how it is on the scene, in reality. For example, I find that the roads in my locality are in a very bad state. I pick it as my topic, next I research all the nuances about the road laying, who does it and whom to approach. I then go to the people living in the neighborhood, take their interviews, speak to them about the problems they face because of bad roads, ask them what they think is the reason of bad roads, what they think is the ideal solution. Then I go to the people responsible for road laying and speak to them about cause of the problem, solution etc. Finally I summarize the whole situation and make my report about the whole situation through the prospective of the local people and the local governing authorities. Isn’t it fun? And a LOT OF HARD WORK!!

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