The Mask Princess

The Mask Princess

We traveled to an ancient kingdom in Germany. The king of that kingdom  had 3 daughters. One day he called them all and asked them how much each one of them loved him and thought about him.

Eldest daughter said,’You are the sweetest person in the whole world.’

Second daughter said,’  You are as smooth as a silk.’

The third daughter, who was very beautiful said,’You are like salt in my food. With you it is tasteless.’

The king was very angry, offended with the third daughters reply. He banished her from his kingdom. The third princess cried to her dad, the king for forgiveness, but the king did not listen. She left a trail of pearls behind because when ever she cried she would have pearls dropping out of her eyes.

She was rescued an old lady in the forest who gave her a mask for her protection. The mask was of an ugly old lady’s face. The princess would wear the mask in the day time and remove it at night.

Three years later there came a Duke’s son in the same forest that the old lady and princess lived. The duke’s son helped the old lady to carry two heavy basket filled with fruits and wood. The old lady in return gave him a green box as gift.

The Duke’s son gives this green box to the queen of the kingdom he is visiting. The queen faints the moment she opens the box, for inside the box is a pearl. A pearl like the one her 3rd daughter used to shed. The Duke’s son was imprisoned but later called by the Queen herself. She asks the Young man where he found the box and finally the King and the queen reunite with their daughter who was helped by the old woman, who turned out to be a Fairy.

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